Keeping Up With Your Tires At Pappas Toyota

Tire maintenance is a crucial part of saving you money and keeping you safe on the road.

Trust the experts at Pappas Toyota to tell you everything you need to know about tires. Explore the importance of keeping current with tire pressure, balance and rotations; then schedule an appointment to have your vehicle checked today!

Tire Pressure

Did you know that incorrect tire pressure is one of the largest contributors to poor gas mileage? With properly inflated tires, you could be saving up to 11 cents per mile in gas.

Plus, when your tires are either over-inflated or under-inflated, their lifespan decreases due to premature wearing of the tread; and as everyone knows, poor tread wear makes driving much more dangerous.

Each month your tire pressure could be decreasing as much as 10%, so it's important to have them checked regularly.


When you consistently keep your tires properly filled, you'll experience maximum tire life, increased fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.


Balance And Rotation

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend having tires balanced every 4,000 - 6,000 miles. Having properly balanced tires helps to ensure that there's an even amount of weight around your axle.

Improperly balanced tires can stress out your whole suspension system, so for maximum tire life, increased fuel efficiency and safety on the roads, have your tires balanced regularly.

Plus, don't forget about regular tire rotations! Tire rotations will help keep your tires alive longer and at maximum performance.

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