St. Charles and St. Louis License Plate Renewal

We get a lot of questions from our customers about renewing their license plates.  Here is the process for renewing license plates in St. Louis, St Charles, Warrren, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Franklin Counties.  


You can renew your plates online in Missouri here.  Once you complete the process, your renewal tags will be mailed to you. 


If you prefer, you can go to your local license office to complete the renewal.  A link to the office locator is here. 


You'll need the following things to renew your plates:


1. Safety Inspection.  You can obtain a safety inspection at Pappas Toyota.  Schedule your appointment online or call 636-939-7900 to make your appointment.  


2. Emissions Inspection if you live in St. Louis, St Charles, Franklin or Jefferson County.  You can obtain an emissions inspection at Pappas Toyota.


3. Paid Personal Property Tax Receipt from the previous tax year.  For example, if it's 2018, you'll need a paid receipt from the 2017 tax year.  You can obtain your receipt from your county's assessor.  Here are the relevant links:


St. Louis County:

St. Charles County:

Lincoln County:

Warren County:


4. Insurance ID Card, or other proof of finanicial responsibility. 


5. Registration Fee.  



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