Why service your car at Pappas Toyota? 

Service Reminders


Modern Toyotas are built to be low-maintenance and provide years of trouble free service.  As with any car, regular maintenance is required so your car always performs at its best.  We know that you have a busy life with many things to think about, that's why Pappas Toyota built their own in-house service reminder system.  Pappas Toyota will remind you when your service is due on your car via phone, text or email--whichever is your preference.  Pappas will also give you plenty of advance notice so you can have your choice of appointment times that are convenient with your schedule, and your budget.  No more having to remember what service your care is due for; we keep track of all your service history and will only recommend the services that are needed to keep your car in peak condition.  Our system is truly unique and only available to Pappas Toyota customers. 

Comfortable Waiting Area


Pappas Toyota knows that sometimes it's necessary and convenient to wait here while your car is being serviced.  That's why we provide a large waiting room with comfortable chairs and large TVs so you can relax while you wait.  If you prefer to work or read while you are wiating, we also have a waiting area with comfortable chairs, tables and electrical outlets for your mobile devices.  For the younger crowd, we have a child's play area and stand up video games to pass the time and keep the kids (and adults!) entertained while they wait for their car service to be completed.  Should you decide to wait here with us while your car is being serviced, be assured that you will be comfortable! 

Fast WiFi


We know that staying connected while you're here at Pappas Toyota is important.  Whether you need to connect with work, get some shopping done, or catch up on your favorite TV show, our WiFi is definitely up to the task.  You'll be able to get connected quickly and easily while you're here waiting for your vehicle to be serviced and have fast access to all your favorite websites and apps while you wait.  

Free Snacks and Beverages!


Who couldn't use a complimentary snack and beverage while they wait for their car in service?  We offer a wide variety of delicious snacks and beverages to curb your hunger while you wait for your car.  Fresh coffee, cold sodas and water, chips, trail mix and snack bars are just a few of the delicious choices we offer all our sales and service customers while they are here at our dealership.  Don't be shy while you are here!  Anyone who works here will be happy to help you find just what you and your family are looking for.