Toyota Safety Sense

Looking for a vehicle that's going to keep you safe on the roads? With the advanced features that come with Toyota Safety Sense, you'll be safer than ever!

We all know the importance of life-saving features like seat belts, air bags and crumple zones; but these days, the automotive industry is taking safety a step further with more preventative features. That's where Toyota Safety Sense comes in.

When you drive a new Toyota that comes with Toyota Safety Sense, you'll get a set of preventative features and driver assist technologies that are designed to give you a safer, more controlled driving experience.

Toyota Safety Sense Overview

Toyota Safety Sense comes with a host of safety features that are designed to make driving easier.

These features include:

  • Automatic High Beams: detects nearby light sources and automatically
  •  switches between high beams and low beams to ensure optimum night time visibility
  • Pre-Collision System: an in-vehicle camera and laser help to detect the  vehicle in front of your Toyota. When PCS determines that the possibility  is high for a frontal collision, it prompts the driver to take evasive action and brake by using an audio and visual alert
  • Lane Departure Alert: if the vehicle is starting to unintentionally deviate from its lane, this system alerts the driver with an audio and visual alert
  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection: same as PCS, but  engineered to recognize the profile of a pedestrian so it may prompt the driver to take evasive action and brake by using an audio and visual alert
  • Dynamic Radar Cruise Control: helps maintain distance between the  Toyota and a vehicle in front of it using a millimeter-wave radar and an in-vehicle camera