Differential Service

Toyota Differential Service

An often overlooked maintenance item on your Toyota is the differential, but performing regular service on this crucial component will help extend the life and performance of your drivetrain system. Check out the video below from our differential fluid partner, Wynn’s, and schedule service with Pappas Toyota today!



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Do I Need Toyota Differential Service in St. Peters? 

All vehicles have differentials, as they are part of the drivetrain system. Differentials help account for the differences in wheel speed while making turns in St Louis. Your outer wheels have to travel slightly further than the inside while turning, so each wheel must adjust and rotate at different speeds. Your differential is crucial to this balance.

If your Toyota is rear-wheel drive (like a Tundra or Tacoma for example) you have at least one differential. If your car is 4WD or AWD, you have two differentials underneath your car. Differential service helps prevent unnecessary wear and tear on drivetrain components, and is part of your regular maintenance schedule. 

Toyota Differential Fluid 

Like your transmission, differentials require special fluid that lubricates and cools the gears contained inside the differential case. Also like your transmission, cars that tow, haul, or regularly drive through tough conditions in O'Fallon  require more frequent maintenance than a regular duty vehicle. You may be putting more strain on your differential if your vehicle frequently experiences:

  • Stop and go traffic
  • Extended idle times
  • Temperature extremes

Over time, your differential fluid will break down and deteriorate from moisture, road salts, and dirt mixing in. For top performance and reliability, we recommend exchanging the differential fluid every 30,000 miles. Not sure about when you last changed your Toyota Corolla differential fluid? Contact our service department for a quick inspection! 

Pappas Toyota Service

Our certified service team is here to help your vehicle perform its best in St Charles and beyond. In addition to Toyota differential service, we offer a wide selection of routine maintenance and repair services, including:

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Brake services
  • Transmission services
  • Battery services
  • Alignment services

When your Toyota differential fluid needs changing, we’re here to help. Get exceptional Pappas Toyota service today!